WR450 or VOR 450EN

I am ready to buy a bike for Southeastern ENDURO's. I have narrowed my selection to, in order: 1, VOR 450EN ; 2, Yamaha WR450. I rode the VOR and loved it, but I can get a Yamaha for $1,000 less. Can you compare them???

Stick with what is proven!! and i'm tipping parts will be cheaper and easier to get too :)

My experience is that exotic bikes tend to have exotic problems, no one wants to work on them, and parts can give you a real headache.

and think of the cool new gear and stuff you could get with a $1000! did you ride the wr?

I've ridden WR's and VOR's. I think the VOR's suspension is better, but the WR's motor is way better. If I had them both sitting in front of me the WR would get my vote every time.

I've never ridden a WR. Neither of the 2 local dealers have even ordered one for 03. They are a bunch of MX zombies, and have never even been off the motocross track. Your comment about the suspension concerns me, as I plan to ride 3 hour SERA Enduros. Please elaborate ...

Alabama, I'm not the exotic type either, BUT we had a VOR out at our campground this last weekend and everyone loved that bike that rode it!!!! Very solid machine. Nice components and details (lots of power too) but this bike was the 503 model (not sure if it was the EN model). I was told that a group of guys went to a dealer here in California and bought 4 of them CHEAP..... I want to say $4500.00usd out the door for each of them. They bought them from "John Burr" motorcycles in California. Give them a call to see if that deal is legit. If you could get into a VOR for that price I think you'd have a great time on that bike.

Good Luck!!! Dan :)

Don't get me wrong the WR suspension is great. I actually race a YZ250 (2smoke) and had the suspension done, both ends, to make it more to my liking. My WR is a play bike but I think the suspension, stock, is great and I have no desire to change it. The VOR's suspension is even better though. I spent a good amount of time on 3 different VOR's (I know a dealer) the 400, 503 both 2001's and a 450, a 2002.


Check out the "EXOTIC" group. The VOR is reported to be very reliable and the Enduro model is ideally suited for the eastern riding. Meaning no need for aftermarket goodies!

Actually, the latest crop of 450 class bikes from both Yamaha and Honda are now more "exotic" than a lot of the KTM, VOR and Husaberg type. And, have become just as fragile, if not more so. Face it, you can't build a four stroke this size and keep it light without designing things on the edge.

The real question is, does the Yamaha/Honda have the handling qualities needed in your part of the country and your riding style? Or, after converting it to your style, is it still cheaper than a VOR (or whatever) that is usable as it comes. :)

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