Help with wr400 rear tire size

Just purchased a 99 in good shape. Rear tire is a 110/ manual says 110/100-18 standard.....What tire to use for overall riding? Interesting to see that the european version runs:

US:110/100-18 rear 80/100-21 front

EU: 120/90-18 90/90-21 front

How come the difference? thanks

The 110/100/18 will be taller, by 30mm. You'll get a slightly smoother ride, more resistance to pinch-flats, and a little more top-speed :thumbsup: The 110/80/18 is 110mm tread width, and 88mm sidewall height. The 110/100/18 is 110mm wide, and 110 sidewall height. I run 110/100 or bigger on mine. The michelin S-12s are confusing.....I run a 130 series in them.

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