Quiet Exhaust

Anyone see the new White Brothers E2 in their ad in the Jan issue of MXA? They don't say anything about it but it's long which leads me to believe that it's a quiet system. It has the same dark grey coating as the Ramsey pipe and looks like it has no kind of removable end cap.

Anyone have a picture of the Vortip or a discription of it. Is it just a turned downed tip or does it have something that goes into your pipe as well?

Thanks Dan


RE: Sputter,

The USFS sticker/stamp is still lacking on the CRD pipe to the best of my knowledge.

I would call your riding area Ranger and ask him.

He is the one who hands out the tickets...

Stoneyfords Ranger Matt knew of the CRD but didn't call it approved...

Does anyone in the USA carry Arrow pipes. I have seen them in magazines on European models.

90db with the Vortip!? Is that with the Baja Designs Vortip? How did you verify the sound output?

Mitch, try this link for Arrows Products. I believe there are a few distributors listed for the USA.




I bought the vortip from baja designs - but they were quick to point out that they were redesigning their own version so I bought one from baja designs marketed by White Bros. - I don't know what the difference is between the two. As far as the 90db.. actually it was 90.5 - measured by the most experienced rangers at hollister hills. Before the test they were confident that the vortip (the first they had seen) was a joke. They couldn't believe the sound level - and were eager to let other riders know that an inexpensive solution does exist.

I built my own vortip for use on my YZF250 and it came in just over 90 also.

Can the YZ pipe be made spark arrestor compatible? What decible levels are the YZ pipes emitting?

This pipe thing seems like there currently is no right answers, just mostly wrong ones.



Sputter what did you notice it did to the power??


Do you know the brand of the Vortip in your photo? Is the one shown for a WR. I got mine from White Brothers and the turn down end appears to be fatter on your photo. Also the inner baffle tubes are different lengths on the two shown. Are they making diffenent models?

Better snap right off the bottom - good mid - slightly less on top than the fully uncorked stock pipe. Very good torque curve for trail riding and tight stuff - still has good run out.


Do you know the brand of the Vortip in your photo? Is the one shown for a WR.

Trailrider, I have the one from White Bros too. The one in the picture is from BajaDesigns... Not a bad way to go, and very versatile....

You can purchase an endcap from Pro Moto Billet out of Idaho which makes the YZ accept a spark arrestor. It not quiet though. I even tried their quiet insert. Does not do much to the sound at all. It is a good product though if you want to run a YZ pipe. It installed easy and looks good.

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