Some Day's your the Dog other's your the hydrant!

I am not believing my luck....

Just when I thought, Alright a couple extra dollars means a few new toy's, Ol'Blue jumps in there and sucks the life right out of my wallet.

This evening I thought what the hell, I missed a bearing service back in January, I'll go ahead and take care of that tonight....Man was I surprised, I usually grease everything every three months and have no problems. This time it was cold and the wife had banished me to the trailer and the heater wasn't working. So tonight I open up the Steering head and the top bearing and Race are toasted. The bottom looks ok, but since I've got to do the top anyway....There goes another $60.00. Then I break loos the lower link and the needle bearings fall out in my hand and on the trailer floor....Guess I'll be doing a swingarm rebuild as well...There goes $75.99 for a pivot works kit, and $99.00 for a Motion Pro Swingarm bearing tool.

So lets see, because I skipped a normal quarterly service (and did alot of Racing and mud riding...and used a pressure washer regularly) it's going to cost me..... $244.99 before shipping

This is going to be fun to explain to the wife...

Bonzai :)


Thanks for the heads up YAMAKAZE

I've got some real bad mojo. Two weeks ago this Saturday I bought a brand new Toyota Tundra. Drove it for exactly five days (390 miles) before a 17 year old kid backs into it and caves in the bed on the drivers side. Did $2118.53 worth of damage, its been in the shop since Tuesday and it will not be done till next week.


Looks like bad luck is going around :) , my story starts a month ago with fixing the washing machine :D . It had a small leak at the tub seal, no problem I'll replace and everything will be fine. With the machine apart I find I don't have a 1 5/8" socket to seperate the tub from the transmision(wife in the background asking when I'll be done). Bring some tools home from work and everything goes smooth :D ,piece of cake(wife still asking when it will be done),"I'll have it together and hooked up in twenty minutes" is my reply. Rushed reassembly and let her start her washing, went to the coutch and finally kicked back :D , it's now about 8:30,well lets just say I have learned to field test every time without fail, I forgot to hook up the overflow hose and completly flooded my house :D . Needless to say Insurance to the rescue but the wife was not impressed. Then comes the decision to buy a Daewoo.Not a bad car but when the company goes out of buisness when you need parts and there not in stock anywhere, covered under warrantee but even the dealer throws his hands up in disgust :D . It's been three weeks since the car has been down with no word as to when, or if the parts(front rotors)will even be available :D . I'm waiting for number three :D

Bonzai, I know the feeling: My loopout 2 weeks ago cost me about $450.00 for destroyed DRD pipe, tweecked subframe, plastic, labor.....I still can not ride because I am too damn sore & I bruised my heels & spine....... :):D


Put the zerk in the steering head!

Put the zerk in the steering head!

I did it the first week I bought my 99. Took it apart around April 01 and it all looked brand new. Do it man! Espically if youre a pressure washer like me.

It will save you lot of time and money.

What is the zerk...

I never use a pressure washer and the air here is so dry. I check my bearings, and usually they are still covered in the Slick 50 Marine bearing lub I use. I stripped the entire bike recently and found all the bearings were still lubed...



Call me on Saturday betwween 8am-5pm (EST). I might be able to supply a source for your rotors.


work 717-846-3233

I have a used DSP pipe


I have been searching for a self tapping Zerk all afternoon, with no success. Any Ideas?


Oh, I know now. That is the stupid nipple thing that allows you to put more lub in the steering head without removing the steering stem..


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