Whoops and XR650

How does the XR650 handle whoops? I had a KTM LC4 400 four stroke that was almost impossible to wheelie through them. It tracked straight and true, but the front wheel was glued to the ground. I'm used to being able to float the front end like on a 2-stroke. Does the XR650 have any problems like this?

Mine handles them well but it has been modified to my riding style. It's one place I can always pull away from my riding buddys. They are pleased also because the ground is flat after the BRP goes over it. :)

My 01 handles them, it just pounds though them I really can't carry the front wheel over them. I recently purchased the summers fork brace and it works great , but can head shake at high speed in sand!

Hi. First of all, pulling a wheelie on the 650R is never a problem, no matter if it's in whoops or not. But to answer your question, I have noticed that the 650R, being a heavy bike, does not handle whoops as well as lighter bikes. The front end does tend to stay planted, unless you really work at it, and working a near 300 lb bike in whoops is a job. Fork twist and headshake become an issue as well when attacking whoops with the 650R. I know, because I have done it. A good quality fork brace and proper suspension setups will help, but it's not going to work near as well in whoops like a CR250 or something of that nature.

Check out the comment that I make about the bike here 650r vs 525 exc

The BRP can be made into a killer machine. It just takes some tweaking. I had my suspension done, sag set properly and added an SRC fork brace. Now I can attach whoops instead of mowing them over. Revalving your forks and shocks will make the BRP seem 40lbs lighter and the fork brace makes it track perfectly straight.

Agree - suspension is the key and tighten up on the stabilizer. If you hit the whoops and the back end starts swinging either gas it or get ready to go over the bars - I have done both. Got the suspension tweaked with gold valves and Eibachs and there is a very noticeable difference. Haven't tried the brace, as the fork tubes are quite beefy and I don't think there is much twist going on. No problem pulling the front end up. Whoop it up.

Try the brace!

I watched Mike(Moredesert) eat it big in the whoops with the stock suspension, but he must have figured something out as he just raced Baja with one.

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