is there a page or link with all the mods for the 426 on it?

i have a 2001 wr and all ive done is the throttle stop and air box. also is there a jetting page?

Try these links, they should be helpful:

web page

web page

Hey Red,

Give us some more info about yourself, riding style, elevation of riding areas, geographic location, etc. Try to be a bit more specific with your ???'s and you'll get responses geared more to your likeings.

Do you plan on keeping your stock exhaust? If so, I would at least do the BK carb mod, cut the grey wire and rejet the carb. Changing to YZ cam timing is also a good thing. I did most of these all at once and the change was dramatic!

You say "Mods" I say "Rockers" :)

I forgot to add that Im running an e-series exhaust. I race desert mostly ride at about 4000 ft. elev.

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