My Wife wants to join TT!!

Hey guy's, My wife is going to join up but she want's you guy's to come up with a good name for her.. Some of you long time TT'ers might recall that she has made a few life-saving :D contributions in the past as well as the present. She is a huge TT fan.. looking forward to your sugestions..

SoCal & :)

Thumpalena :)

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Our TT Mother

Bring It Bucko




What bike are you going to get her? a Wr250F? Well SoCal WR250 would seem about right... his and hers bikes & on-line aliases...

Look forward to some great recipes to use up some of that week old synthetic oil... must be able to make fruitcake or baste a turkey or do something with the stuff... :):D:D



if i was going to give my girlfriend a nickname it would be "monkeybutt" because everytime i decide to go riding she is a pain in the @ss

Missers 426

Some recommendations

'the boss'

'of course I can change my own tire'

Drum roll please.....................

Ladies and Gentlemen. May I present to you..... Queen-a-Blues... What do you guy's think?

Hailing from Fillmore California....


or "Iron Maiden" :)

If she rides Yamaha...

YamaMama! :)

YamaMama is great :)



Bill :D

Good work Guy's!! Keep-em comming..


oh no,,,, a woman amongsts us

i gues that means i need to put clean underwear on, and stop eating pickled eggs with my mouth open

How about....

YAMADITE.....Yamaha Goddess of Love

YAMARILLA....Barbararilla's sexy sister

YAMALICIOUS.....Self Explanitory

Bonzai :)

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