Fit of new YZ400F cam chain

That's about what I remember mine looking like.

If it wasn't fitting on the cams properly, I doubt you could get the chain around the cams and crank sprocket.

The chain will be slightly loose until the tensioner takes up the slack.

Hope this helps.

Yes, that's normal. This was the issue that had everyone worried in the early days of this modification, but nothing bad has ever come of it.

Enjoy your new mod! Like everyone has said in the past, best mod ever for these bikes. I bump start mine just like a 2-stroke, easy to start when hot, etc... (I do have to give it a throttle of gas before starting it tho).

Thanks for your responses, they have put my mind at rest.

I will now close the engine up and hopefully have my first ride with the new cam on Friday.

I have now had my 400 running since fitting the 450 cam.

I had to change my starting technique from a hard boot to a smooth long stroke and once this was done, bike starts first or second kick as before, but with way, way less effort.

Riding showed better low end power however the real bonus is the ease of starting. This is especially relevant for me because I ride desert and inevitably stalls/falls are in awkward places in soft sand. With the original decompression/hard boot set up, starting after a stall/fall could be very tiring. Now a smooth stroke of the kick start without worrying about going past top dead centre, is all that is required. Chalk and cheese comparison !

I consequently recommend any 400/426 owners out there who have not done this modification to seriously consider doing so.

Hi there

i done the same thing to my 2002 426, and it looks exactly the same as the photos.

Nothing gone wrong since the mod either

The "Yamaha YZF & WRF Performance Projects" book says do the same thing for our bikes with the 450 cam...


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