Wish I was riding a 250 in tight woods!

I rode my first NETRA enduro yesterday in Wrentham, Mass. Through the tight woods and many rock gardens I found myself wishing that I was on a smaller bike. The WR450 was like herding a moose through those tight woods!

That moose sure can kick his way through!

Even a moose has to maneuver around the trees! I was really wishing that I was on a lighter bike, like a 200cc two-smoke! I know, "A poor craftsman always blames his tools..." I definitely need more time in the saddle!

Wouldn't hurt to gain some strength. But yea seat time will help out ALOT.

Unless you've ridden the woods in the Northeast you don't know what tight is.

A 250 is faster, less tiring ride in the jungle.

I agree! after 230 miles on my WR in Idaho I can barely walk! I did the race last year on my YZ250 and, I feel it is more suited for woods riding! I just wish that I had a WR tranny in my 250...DSC00532.jpg

Yup it's a brute side to side in the tight nasty's. Usually find myself dreaming of a Gas Gas 300 in these parts ( when you have time to think )

But as an all round, do it all bike, the WR450 is pretty hard to beat.

The WR250 is the stock is the slowest bike on the planet. I have an 07 that was so slow I thought it was broken.

But in the tight stuff you can really get going with it.

install a Rekluse front axle

It helped my bike in the tight woods

I think it's all been said here already but yes, here in the pacific northwest I think we have tight and technical that rivals east coast stuff and I often wish at some of the events that I was on a 125:eek: Having said this I still feel it's the best all around off road bike, our offroad series also has events in eastern WA where it's more wide open GP stuff and the WR eats up the 250 2 smokers and feels more stable doing so in these conditions.

The only other bike I would consider would be a YZ250 2T decked out for off-road, it seems to be a good mix of everything:thumbsup:

The only logical answer is to own more then one bike. Problem solved. You can thank me latter :thumbsup:

That's what I do. I drive a car that doubles in value when I fill it up with gas.

But I have a couple of nice dirt bikes.

That's what I do. I drive a car that doubles in value when I fill it up with gas.

But I have a couple of nice dirt bikes.

Lol - and life is sweet.

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