How much should rear suspention collapes

I just thought maybe mine needs to be harder. It feels good but look at the pic


Of course I dont know what proper suspention should feel like. I mainly trail ride, but I love hitting a jump when I see one.

cant get the picture up but in the kx450 forum there is a faq sticky and it tells you how to set your sag thats a good starting point.

Heres another one


yea i got them now, that seems like its way soft check the sag and go from there.

Your suspension will colapse on jump faces, take a look at any pics of pro's on jump faces. Just set your sag and then check the free sag and that will tell you if you have the correct spring for your weight. Just follow the links grayracer posted.

Your in the transition of a jump, id be more worried if it WASNT almost bottomed out.


And mine is set pretty stiff.

I set the sag and checked the spring rate last nite. I am around 230lb. Got the sag dead on but I think I need a stiffer spring for my weight.

The 2nd link grayracer sent you is for you to follow after setting your race sag. You will check your static sag now that you have the race sag set and that will tell you if the spring is correct for you.

I checked the static sag and it was off, So I guess I will need a new spring

Yes you do but be careful if you use it other than strictly motocross. You said you ride mostly trails so your setup will need to be much softer than if you are using it only for track use.

what spring would you guys sugest

At 230#, and assuming you have the stock springs, here's what you will most likely find:

If you have set the "race" or "rider" sag (your weight on the bike) at around 4", you should find that the free sag (the amount the suspension settles under the weight of only the bike) at 1". Yours will not have that much free sag, if it has any. This is because you have had to add more than the normal amount of preload to the too-soft spring to support your weight, and the result is that there is no free sag.

You can also flip this procedure over by setting the free sag to 1" and then seeing what the race sag is. If the spring is too soft, the race sag will be more than 4".

Thanks thats a nice little tool to have.

Those are some "sweet" jumps you guys are taking your bikes off of. . .

the jumps are fun...not sure about

Those are some "sweet" jumps you guys are taking your bikes off of. . .

if your talking about mine it is actually pretty sweet. Its a 2nd gear nice little 40 foot double in the sand. Its wicked redonkulous.

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