Sad day .. might say goodbye to YZ

I have 2 MX bikes, my 05 YZ450 and my 07 CRF450.

I bought a second so that my son could ride with me.

But he has gone away to school and so I decided to sell the older of the 2 bikes, my YZ.

But I am actually quite sad about this. Sure it is a steel frame, and the suspension is starting to soften up. If I was a bit more mechanical I could probably keep it perfect forever but as it is my mechanical skills are somewhat limited as are most of the bike shops here. So I am not sure how I have never even adjusted valves. It has had new oil and clean filter every week it is ridden and just keeps going.

The YZ runs great, I put it up for sale and I am getting about 3000 USD cash for it.. Sad Sad day.. :thumbsup::ride::bonk:

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