fmf vs stock muffler


i got to cut off the sound of my bike in my riding areas. Can I fit a stock muffler (my bike's a yz 426f 2001) to a fmf power bomb header. Fmf don't recommend this (I'm impressed). Or can I change the end cap or something else in my Titanium 4 muffler to cut off the sound (exept packing it with new stuff)?



A better choice than either would be the Q4 from FMF. The stock pipe will work, but it won't be a lot quieter, and you'll then need an end cap for it.

Best thing you can do with the stock pipe is Pro Moto Billet endcap with their "silent" insert. But then you're out almost $200 and your bike *might* be 96dB.

Or like gray said, pony up the $324 (from for the Q4 which is built to run quiet, not designed with sound as an afterthought.

FWIW a buddy of mine put the Q4 on his KLX450 and it blew 92dB.

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