Query: The use of CB radio communications on dirt bikes


Can anyone relate their experiences with the following:

1.) The use of CB radio communication between dirt bikes

- General usability

- noise minimalisation

- range

2.) The use of throat microphones with CB (these are microphones with two pickups that press against the windpipe, with the aim of reducing the background noise)

rev on


The antenna could be a real pain in the a$$.

some guys out on the dunes were using the chatter box brand communicators and were real happy with them.

We tried to use CB in Sandrails and they are only good for a simple shout to get your attention. Worked best to have your passenger do the talking so you could use your hands on the controls in the heat of battle.

Seemed like we were constantly repeating ourselves. Finaly just gave up and stuck with hand signals and stoping every now and then to chat.

Would be great on the forrest trails so that when you space out for the dust you would know if someone had a problem to go back and laugh (help).


I am a proud user of Chatter Box Radios. 5 members of my riding group have Chatter boxes and they work great. They are voice activated but unfortunatley since are bikes are to loud we can't use the voice activation feature. There is a small button you have to press to be able to talk but it is not that bad. There is a small piece that mounts to your helmet, headphones are mounted in each ear with velcro and a speaker mounted in front of you mouth by velcro. Then there is the actual walkie talkie that we mount to our chest protector. I recommend this unit because the other unit they offer is one big piece that mounts to the side of your helmet and if you crash their is a better chance to break that piece because it is so big. And you are out the whole system. But if you go the route we went the piece that mounts to the helmet is smaller and if you break it that is all you have to buy instead of the whole system. When we bought these units they were $200 now I believe they are $170.

If you need more information or the part# let me know and I will get it for you.

If you want reliable inexpensive communications, try: www.motocomm.com

I have a setup on my wr400 and bmw gs1150. I only bought extra helmet mic/speaker and I have it wired to my vertex 2meter ham radio. They have adaptors for any FRS radio and communication is as easy as pressing the push to talk swich on your handlebar. everything is waterproof and replacement parts are available. setup cost around 60 with shipping plus your radio. Very reliable communications when I am down in Baja and need emergency repeater access throughout the peninnsula. You do not have to be a ham radio operator. You can have your group and chase truck or base setup with the "motorola" frs radios and everyone has safe communications.


Sean McCutchen

Does the radio clip to your chest protector or did you have to make a special holder. Also, does this create a problem with binding or pulling the wire that runs from the radio to the helmet? I'm basically just wondering if you had to do any customization.

If it wasn't for cost would you prefer the single piece unit that hangs on the helmet?

Sorry for all the questions but my wife is pushing me to get a system.

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