ICE!!! anyone else studding up for the ice?

Just wanted to here if anyone else is studding up to ice race. I use canadien ice screws , works better than pavement.Want to have blast take the 650 out on the ice and pin it in 4 or 5 gear. :)

My spikes are in a bag ready to put on, there is a Hare Scrambles here the 15 of Dec, if it is snowy and covered with ice I will put them in for the event, if not I will have to wait for the lake to freeze over for me to put them on. I am still riding almost every week either in the snow or mud.. I am bought some of the orginal 1/2 inch gold screws from Chopper City Motor sports. I have no idea how long they will last. I have been told they last a long time on the ice and won't last a few minutes on the hard bare ground.. we will have to see first hand I guess.. When I go to the hare scrambles I am just going to see what the big boys are using for a set up and just follow their lead

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