New Brake Pads Draging Slightly

I just put on new front brake pads and they are draging enough to slow the front wheel down when spun on a stand. The old pads were worn evenly and did not drag at all, the rotor and wheel appear to be true. I have not bleed the line yet as I am waiting to borrow a friend's pump.

Will bleeding the line help?

I was going to remove the pistons and clean them in some brake fluid. The manual states to replace the dust seals.

Is this nessary if carefully removed and they are in good shape?

I can push them in with my thumb with some moderate force.

You shouldn't need to bleed the brakes just because you've changed the pads (although that is good practice) they are probably draging slightly because you haven't bed them in yet.

A bit of drag on new brakes is normal, if its signifagant drag, check the caliper pins and bolts for grooving or ware, use some white lithium grease on the caliper pins. You can also get a can of disk brake quite and spray that on the back of the pads and toss the factory anti squeel plates, they do have a bit of spring to them (by designe)that tends to cause most normal drag. The spray works very well, usally two or three coats is fine. You should not need to bleed but if its never been done maybe give it a crack or two, you dont need a pump, just pull and hold the brake lever (having a buddy helps) and then crack the bleeder on the caliper open then close before its done spurting, any air is usally noticable in the first crack as a spiting sound. Air in the line often results in a spongy feel to the beginning of the brake pull. I often purposly bleed air into my street bike rear calipers to give better modulation and keep them from locking up with a panic stab. You should not need to clean or replace the pistons, or dust covers unless the dust covers are ripped or your bike has been underwater for a few days :). Good luck,

Agian, I would not be concerned with a bit of drag, its normal, tossing the stock anti squeel plates is the easiest way to keep them from dragging if it bothers you.

Same as WRJason. make sure the slide pins are clean and greased and the seals are good. If you run guards over the wheel cylinders, make sure they don't interfere with the plunger effect of the caliper. Its worth checking the sheet metal clips to make sure you have installed them correctly. Most manuals are good about showing it.

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