2002 WR 426 odometer spacer ???

Does anyone know where to find a Odometer spacer for a 2002 WR 426. I took off my Odometer and would like to find a spacer somewhere.

Critter,Try Ty Davis' website.I think its www.terrycableracing.com Or you could use a rubber plug that is used to cap off vacuum lines,thats what came with my Panoram computer when I removed the stock odometer.Use a bit of silicone sealer at the base of the threaded adapter to seal the housing. :)


Do you still have that dualsport kit for sale.

I'm leaving on vacation tomorrow and will be back Mon 12/9.

If you do and want to sell it Email me kelly@atlantispoolco.com or PM me here on TT.

Use a rubber cap from Home Depot, cost 60cents for a pack of three. Or you can get a YZ spacer for about $25. You make the call.

And its ziptyracing.com just by the way.

If you decide to get the YZ spacer, don't forget that you will need the grease seal for that side also....you can get both at http://www.powersportspro.com/partsfish/Login.asp . I just did this also amd I think the YZ spacer is about $17 and the grease seal is around $4, plus shipping.

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