Clicker Settings for SX

Just Curious where you guys are setting your clickers for a Supercross track.

on my 450 I just basically make everything a little stiffer/faster. especially the forks. if it's mostly an outdoor setup, but has a whoop section then I just up the compression on the forks. While speeding up the shock can be a nightmare in breaking bumps, it works wonders with seat bouncing.

I'd set them by sending them out for a re-spring and re-valve.

My suspension has been done by Speed Tech, sag is set, and so on. I have bottomed out my front forks a couple times, so I turned my clickers in. Right now I am 6 and 6 on the front, and 9 and 9 on the back. I was wondering if anyone else has had to go in this far to make there bike work? Seems to be working good for me. We have a MX race this weekend so I will need to remeber to back them out to my original settings.

Geneally for "supercross" everything is stiffer on compression, and stiffer on rebound. But, weight, springs, all that still plays a part.

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