picture of clever cooling device

this looks a good idea


What exactly is that?

its like a additional inline radiator to improve cooling

Who makes it? Where can you get it? How much?

Where did you find this at?

Bonzai :)

Just what I need, more weight............ :)

Go to www.smackovermotorsports.com Go to products and then Tafta. As far as I know Jim Cook is the only guy selling these so far. It's called a cooling system booster.

I've seen a smaller version of this at a MX store here in San Diego. However, it was only about a 1/2 inch long.

That looks like a good idea :)

Heres another good idea... redline watter wetter

This design has been around for a few years. Sold as an oil cooler for Harleys. You have to make sure the design of the inside is correct to do the cooling. In the beginning due to the cost they were very expensive but worked. As time went on cheap ones came out which were basically straight through barrels and did not have the cooling effect of the better designs. This was for oil cooling and I have no idea on how well they work for a cooling system.

I've seen these on a Heritage Softail at work, one either side of the front downtubes, made sense on a Harley but I tend to agree with the comment about not wanting more weight on my bike. Does a 426 really need 'em?

After looking closely, it appears that these would not work on the WR because of the outlet being located at the bottom of the Radiator. For sure I could not see using a 1/2 inch model between the lower hose doing any good what so ever. They are trick looking though.

I'll stick with my Engine Ice...It seems to be doing the job.

Bonzai :)

waste of money IMO. Will it transfer heat? Yes. Will it the weight increase be offset by the decrease in your wallet? Possibly.

In the application shown I'd be worried about contact with the radiator..... Not to mention the possibility of a fatigue failure at the neck on the radiator - supporting the additional weight.


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