Did I just screw up?

I am in need of a little help. I am installing a new Hot Rods wr crank in a yfz engine, and wonder if I just made a mistake. When we installed it we put the crank in the freezer and the case in the oven so the crank would hopefully slide right in. Well the crank slid in about half way into the bearing and wouldnt go any farther. So I took a rubber mallet and tapped on the end and it went the rest of the way, it went in with 4 or 5 taps (nothing aggressive). Now I am wondering if I should have tapped the crank, did I mess anything up? I am concerned I could have done something to the crank. Any help would be great.

you'll be alright if your definition of agressive is similar to mine, remember that cranks have to be pretty tough with all the force continually going into them. it takes more than a couple of taps from a rubber mallet to mess one up.

Also, when you zip the case back up, you usually also have to tap the case with a rubber mallet, where is that force going if the bearing and crank bind? same place - the crank.

Mine slid right in with just heating the case, did it on it's side with the case on blocks so gravity could help.

If you used a rubber mallet you will be ok - dont worry.

Thanks for the replys, I feel better about it now.

Did you check out the link I posted? Is the WR crank going to work ok in your bike, or rather will you be able to get a stator that will work?

The engine he's working on is a YFZ, not a YZF. The crank is the same.

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