Need YZ 426 muffler in Australia.

Hi everyone, I'm new to this board, just picked up my WR 426 on Tuesday and I'm looking for a YZ 426 muffler to help it breathe a little better. If anyone has one lying about please reply with price and location, thanks a lot, Chris.

Sometimes you see them in the trading post mc parts and accesories section, about $350.

I have a friend who has an 01' YZ426F pipe...if your interested in it let me know and I'll ask him what he wasnts for it. Do you want the whole pipe or just the silencer? (any idea what shipping would cost to Australia?)


Thanks for the replies guys, I'll keep an eye out in the Trading Post etc, JT thanks but I really need one in Aust' as the shipping would be astronomical, cheers, Chris.

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