Where Did My Clutch Go???

Just completed changing a clutch cable on my Y2K WR400(as a PM measure old cable was near end of adjustment). When i put it all back together now there is no clutch action at the lever or at the pushrod that the cable connects to at the engine. Pushrod is just free with no resistance. Maybe a broken connecting rod? Worked fine before i installed new cable. Did i miss someting simple?? Sould be able to just swap cables with no tricks right(my old XR was pop out pop in new)HELP!!!!!!!!:thumbsup::ride::bonk:

When you got the old one off, you probably returned everything to minimum on the adjusters, you might have to take up a lot more free play before you'll feel it resist some.

Could be as the above comment said. If not maybe they gave you the wrong cable. Check the ID tag on the Yamaha sticker and compare it to the Fiche part number.

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