SCORE race questions

I was hoping that some of you guys that are involved in the SCORE races in Baja could help me with some info.

I've been racing a local desert series here in southern Baja for a little over a year now, and want to start running some of the SCORE races. I raced with a team in Baja about 13 years ago with a 5-1600, so I have some idea of what is involved, but I really don't have any experience with what I need for a long race (500-1000 miles) with a bike.

I don't have a lot of support here, so I am planning on signing up with one of the professional pit services. Any idea what that will cost per pit? Also, what are they able to do during a pit? Do they just dump gas, or will they change tires or wheels or anything else?

If I am able to go with Honda pits, do I need to supply them with all my spares, or do they have another arrangement (I will probably race my CRF, unless I buy a 650R)? What would you guys recommend keeping for spares? Do I need to buy enough of everything to have one of each at each pit, or is it feasable to have someone running parts from one pit to where they are needed? How do you guys work this stuff out?

I realize that I've asked alot of questions here (and some half-stupid ones as well), but I'd really appreciate any info and advice you guys could offer. The races in the local series here are all shorter than about 300 miles, so we've been getting by without a whole lot of logistics, and I want to make sure that I am prepared well in advance for the longer races. Thanks in advance for any info and advice.

Hey Stuck......

Will answer your questions in detail but I'm on my way to the desert with my kids and grandkids to ride.

Doesen't get any better. :)

Dear Stuck,

My experience has been that Honda is very supportive of guys riding red bikes. Sign up with them first. Seems like it was only $100-200 bucks at the 500 last year. I even saw them give a local mexican rider a rear wheel set-up when he came in broke about 100mi from the finish even though he hadn't signed on with them. However it was only one Honda guy manning the pit so we helped them change the wheel. I saw him returning the wheel the next day plus payment for a new tire.

The more spares you have the better. Prerunning will determine which pits to put the major items at.(like wheelsets and handlebars just after the rockgarden..hahaahaha) If you have limited support put your people at the pits where you KNOW you'll need work done (like installing lights for the night or have a pre-planned wheel change) They will be more versed with your set-up.

Bikes need a lot of gas stops compared to the 5-1600 so many of your stops will be uneventful..just gas. But the Honda pits have all of the team riders spares and you may get/need some of them (unless you're first o/a) For this reason I would recommend an XR650. Thats what everyone else rides. You don't want to have something different than everyone else...unless you can afford lots of spares. Oh, and take all the spares you have. A wheelset with a worn sprocket and tire is better than nothing.

Your chase crew can probably only get to 3 locations in a race like the 500, and only if they really plan it well. I would only count on 2 pits for one team of chasers. Otherwise they drive like idiots and become a hazard to themselves AND others. You should consider investing in race radios for better communications for the pit chasers. Or rent some satelite phones. If they know you need help at a certain pit and they have the only part, it may get you to the finish sooner.

Good luck....PM me if you have more questions.

Steve R

Hello stuck.....

Steve R gave you good info. The cost is more than he quoted tho.

I have been pitting Honda since the early 80's and feel that Honda has the best setup.

I don't want to give all the info you need over the net. Honda has worked very hard over the years to get this process correct.

E-mail me and I will help you with the info you need.


You want to come up here to Norte to race, and i want to do some of the races in Sur. You guys have quite a few good events with decent payback from what I hear.

Of course going with Honda pits is the best. But if you're on a budget or you end up racing a model bike other than XR/CRF then you could sign up with the "Mag 7" pit service ( They won't have parts for your bike (unless you provide 'em) but they will have gas stops every 50 miles.

For this last 1000 we used Honda pits (they were awesome as usual) and I'm guessing the cost was around $1100. The Mag 7 charged something like $450.

Either way, plan on supplying your own extra race wheels and changing them at pits where your crew will be (but the Honda guys can do it really fast for you). If you use Honda pits and have a flat out in a remote area they will generally replace your entire wheel for you (if riding 650r). If you have Mag 7 (or riding CRF) you'll probably have to change a tube yourself. Honda pits will change your airfilter (650R), sometimes without your even asking for it. If you ride a CRF you need to be ready with your own filter and extra wheels as they generally don't have extra wheels or filters for CRF.

If you do Honda pits you pretty much just need to give goggles to a couple remote pits, they take care of everything else. Plan on having your main spares in your chase truck as it will meet you at convienient spots (hopefully also where a Honda pit is). Run a solid front tube to help eliminate the chance of needing a front wheel change. For this 1000 we only had a few extra front wheels so we ran solid Tech Tubes. We had extra rear wheels too and we modified our CRF wheels to use a 650 axle and accept 650 rear wheels just in case we needed one at a remote location.

If your bike is prepped well then you shouldn't need anything except for a couple extra rear wheels to replace worn out ones and air filters if you're on anything other than a 650r. if you choose another bike brand or Mag 7 pits then you really should have a bunch of spares in your support trucks.

Your 450 is a good bike. You should be just fine if you prep it well. If you want to be more sure of things, buy a 650.

Regardless, crashing and/or damaging your bike is the worst possible thing - don't do it!



Thanks for the info!

The series that I've been racing here has about one race per month. Some are short course (they've got tracks in San Jose del Cabo, La Paz and Cd. Constitution), and about half are longer races of 200 to 500 Km. They seem to pretty much mirror SCORE rules and classes, although they don't have as many competitors in each class. Payback is dependant on the number of entries in a class, and there usually are only about 4 to 12 bikes in class 22. First in class 22 is good for 1500 to 2000 pesos, but the entry is only 750 pesos. If you ever need any info about the races down here, let me know.

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