14 and RIDE AN 85 BUT RODE DADS 450 AWESOME should i stick wit 85 or new?

My dad let me try his 06 Yami 450 I loved it after riding my 85 it was so easy just slowly roll around turns then gun the throttle over the jumps. But i wanted to know what you guys think 85 or mayb a 4 stroke 250?

if i were you i would go to the 250 first, learn good on that one than you can conquour the 450

if i were you i would go to the 250 first, learn good on that one than you can conquour the 450

I agree. The 250fs are just plain fun too ride. Ride the 450 a couple laps before you get on the 250f and it makes the 250 feel like a bmx bike. Good luck!

good advise guys... i know my son at 14 would have been a scary venture on a 450..... the 250f or a 125 2t would be the next logical advance

My son was the same way. He outgrew his YZ80, so I got him a YZ125 (he's 15). He was pushing for something bigger but I told him to stick with the 125 and get used to a full size frame and more power. Once he is riding wide open on the 125 and can't get anymore out of it, then we'll talk 250... For now, the 125 is suiting him just fine. Remember - more engine doesn't make you a better rider.

I presume the son is "normal" sized; at the last AMA Hare Scrambles there was a 210 pound 14 year old riding a KTM 105 (on Saturday and a 250 on Sunday). Most definitely go to the 250f for at least a year.

I see scrawny 12 year old kids on 250f's just ripping up the local tracks and non-technical off-road courses. Don't think they'd be enjoying life if hanging on to a 450.

it alll deponds on were ya ride and ure skill level for me i ride on open fields and trails when i was 14 i went froma ttr230 to a 99 yz400f that was a big jump and loved that bike it was fast but i even wanted more after that, but if i was going to ride track i would have chosen the 250f not dough about it

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