2006 yz450f: Which Hot Cams do I buy?

:ride: Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a set of hot cams for my bike when I rebuild it soon.But, which ones do I buy? On motosport.com, they have a hot cams intake and exhaust, so IDK whcih to buy? I'm assuming you have to buy both but just want to make sure. Sorry, I dont know a whole heck of a lot about these bikes so please try and go easy on the lashings:p I have many, many hard hours on my bike and I just feel it needs to be freshened up. Thanks in advance for all that reply.:thumbsup::bonk:

You can buy one if you want to save money. The intake cam tends to make a bigger difference on most engines than the exhaust, so if you only buy one I'd say buy the intake. For the best performance buy them both.

Thanks for the reply KJ! But will I lose any performance by having one aftermarket and one not?

It depends on the cam, but you shouldn't. You just won't see as large of a difference as if you are running both. It is kinda like the difference between a full exhaust system and a slip on, you see a performance gain, just not as much. The dyno charts on hotcam's website are for both cams installed.

Ok thanks for all the info!:thumbsup:

If your bike needs a freshen up anyway, try a high compression piston. With cams you're usually trading one end of the power band for the other. The '06 has great linear power, the hc piston adds torque across the board.

Well I was plannin on that. I was lookin at the Pro Circuit HC piston kit. Not sure if I wanna go that rout. Ideally, I wanted to get the cam that added more bottom-mid power but they only have it for hondas. (stage 2 i think)For the yz450 it says "power gains all throughout the powerband" So idk, maybe I'll buy both. Any more suggestions anybody?

PS How do you know with a HC piston if you need to run full race gas or not?

I was wondering the same thing about the race gas with a 13.5:1 piston

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