Congatulations to Digger!!!

The AMA has announced (TT member) Lt. Col. Duane G. "Digger" Carey the latest recipient of the AMA Hazel Kolb Brighter Image award. according to Cycle News May 22. Digger is a 25 yr AMA member & motorcyclist. Carey flew the Space Shuttle mission STS-109 which serviced the Hubble space telescope. Prior to the mission Carey asked the AMA for an item to take into space, now he has returned the item. A one of a kind flag bearing the emblem of the AMA, now on display at the AMA headquarters. Way to go Digger.... you represent all of of well...

I knew it!!! :) Those God%^*&'ed greenies where right! These dirt bikers are nothing but idiotic beer swilling turtle murdering, mother earth killers and just plain stupid!.. Congrats Digger! Not only are we proud of you as a dirt riding AMA member and TT'er.. But as a True American that we can all look up to..

Thanks Greg, for bringing this to our attention..

From one very proud American and TT'er


Congrats Lt. Col. Duane G. "Digger" Carey! Thank you. Paul

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