Bad weekend.

I held an organised ride for the AMTRA club of victoria, Australia today, the problem started last night when i washed and serviced my bike at the last minute, again, and when i was drying off my bike down the road, i noticed the throttle was a bit looser than normal, so i check it out and the return cable is broke and all the dealers are closed,

So i decide to tighten the good cable as best as i can and put up with the slack, what a mistake!! ever tried riding with too much slack??, makes it hard to do anything,

Anyway, wilst riding this kid on a KTM 250 was coming up beheind so i thought i'd pick up the pace just a tad, hit a tree root and i'm off (the bike that is) snapped the end off my renthals, no bending, just snapped, ended up breaking the ends off the cross bar and ramming it down the center of the bars to get me to the next town where i knew they had handle bars,

Changed the bars and made it back in one peice, the moral to the storey is................dont ride with broken cables, dont break your renthals and kick the kid off the KTM 250 when you have the chance!!

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