wr 426 no spark

Have an 01 wr 426 finally put new piston and timing chain in it . Ran fine for break in, next week going for nice ride and bike died and wouldn't start. I took it back to the shop who did top end and we could find nothing wrong except for the intermitent spark. Bike has a Baja Designs st legal kit and never has failed to start first kick . Shop owner was no help saying its electrical, could replacing timing chain have knocked loose wire in stator anyone have this happen to them? I just need a starting point.

Check your Coil - the bolts that hold it on the frame are grounds - clean them and the frame they mount to.

Check your electrical connectors (under gas tank) where the stator plug connects to the harness, could be a bad connection there...pretty much just work your way through your electrical once verifying everything, it shouldn't take more than an hour and could be as simple as that.

thanks the sop didn't disconnect any wires I've check all conn even pulled the stator off and checked the conn there .still confused

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