GYTR Radiator guards .... How well do yours fit your 07/08 model WR?


Anyone fitted Yamaha brand GYTR radiator guards to their 07/08 WRs?

Just wondering how well they fitted, mine look like they might need a bit of "adjusting" to get them to fit perfectly.

(No problem, I have all the gear to do it. Just seems strange that a genuine Yamaha product doesn't fit perfectly out of the box.)

Anyone got a photo of them fitted?

Yes, I know you other guys have fitted Unabiker, etc. etc and you love them etc. etc.. Not interested in that, just feedback from the guys who have fitted the GYTR ones please. I got these ones cheap, that's why i chose them.

(In other words, let's not clutter the forum. :thumbsup: )



I had the same problem when fitting them to my wr450f 07 model. I didnt like how they flared out the rad guards either. I now have force rad guards which i reckon are better quality. Also fits well with my IMS 11.7 litre tank

Thanks Mark

I would be more concerned with whether or not they work with the IMS or other oversized tanks. I agree rad guards are a must on the list of mods to the WR but when youre talking 07' 08', so is a larger gas tank!:thumbsup:

I have the GYTR ones Greg and they fitted perfectly. Its a little challenging fitting the final bolt for the plastic guards. I didn't following the cutting instructions for the plastic guards.

ADB mentions them on there website: (isn't working at the moment)

They do flare the shrouds slightly, I believe ADB fitted a large tank.

Thanks Chris.

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