What seat should I get for a 1000 mile race??

Next month I will be racing the "Nevada 1000" as it's apart of the "Best in the desert" series in Nevada in which im contending. The last long race I competed in was a 526 mile race, and my butt was really sore during and after the race. Does anybody have a "Guts" or other seat that has been built up with other materials that you could suggest for me??? Thanks for the help!!

DL :)

Well Dan,

Actualy I don't have a sugestion. Butt you can rest assured that I will be watching for your after action report re: which seat will help keep from getting that dredded monkey butt. Good luck in your race....



I can't help on the seat material info, but I'd highly suggest you try Bag Balm applied liberally to the "seat" area. Yea, it feels gross but not as bad as the day after ScabbyMonkeyButt



I’ve tried three brands of tall/soft seat foam, and I actually liked them all. N-Style makes a gripper cover that will fit over most any foam, but I ended up shaving a little bit off of their foam to make the cover fit easier. The N-Style foam is softer than the Ceet stuff but not excessively so.

However I’m not sure if the gripper cover is the way to go for long rides, which brings me to the seat I am running now, a Moose complete seat w/ tall foam. I’m fairly certain these are made by SDG, they look identical, but for whatever reason I don’t think SDG markets/sells the tall version.

The cover isn’t slick, but it isn’t a rubber gripper. Looks like a sturdy nylon. While I haven’t done any racing on it yet I do go on fairly long rides and I’m thrilled with this seat so far. I think it is a little shorter and a little firmer than the N-Style tall foam. The cover makes moving around (like in a sweeping corner for example) easier than a gripper but with the extra foam and the non-slick surface you have plenty of stuff to hold on to.

For me that is what killed me about the stock cover in long races (not “Nevada 1000” long, but still, 3 hours of braking bumps in a sand wash is a long time for me) is you have to hold yourself in position more w/ your upper body.

Anyway, I’m sure you have your own opinions and experience as far as that goes but I really like the Moose tall seat, and for around a hundred bucks it is a great deal. Any Parts Unlimited dealer should be able to order one.

Hope this helps.


Sorry Danny, could not resist.

I have a GUTS WR seat that you can have if you want it. It is the tall medium foam setup, and it is really plush. PM me if you want it. Good luck in the race.

Hey Dan, Try to stand-up more! :):D:D My ass gets sore driving 3 1/2 hours to vegas with a plush seat in the reclined postion. I think with any seat you run,you are still gonna be pretty sore after that ride. Stop by when you can! Good luck on the upcoming race.

Merf is right, lube yer bunghole before riding. I prefer A&D Ointment. Goop it on wherever you get monkeybutt.

Vaseline your boys and the grand canyon liberally. It sounds weird, but friction is what is causing the monkey butt. Also, try wearing some nylon running shorts over under your pants.

I don't use Vaseline for day to day riding, but if I were doing 1000 miles I sure would.

This is a trick I learned in the Marines. After hiking 20+ miles with 60-80 pounds of gear on your back at a jogging pace basically non stop, chaffing is your worst enemy. Vaseline made all the difference in the world to prevent chaffing.


Lay-Z-Boy :):D

Originally posted by armourbl:

Vaseline your boys and the grand canyon liberally.

This is a trick I learned in the Marines. After hiking 20+ miles with 60-80 pounds of gear on your back at a jogging pace basically non stop, chaffing is your worst enemy. Vaseline made all the difference in the world to prevent chaffing.


Bag Balm works exactly the same way only doesn't have that greasy feeling. I get Bitter Bag Balm Face on every application anyway. It's like an involuntary reaction...

Dan, best of luck in the race!


Just figure out how to put a KX-500 seat on the blue bike...I think it is made by lazy-boy. They are soooo soft. After pitting my buddies during the 2000, I was really looking forward to the 1000. Unfortunate injuries to some of us will keep us from making the show. Good luck, and have a blast.

I rode 1400 miles over xmas in baja and have a swthumper tall seat foam and cover.

Nvr Fnsh reccomended Desetin, its a diaper rash ointment.

I used it every day and was fine.


All this sounds disgusting, but it probably works. Don't laugh too hard, I used to know a NFL player that wore panty hose and vaseline under his uniform to stay warm and avoid chafing. At 6-3 and 255, not many people laughed at him. But if it worked for him, why not try it?


PS: Good luck and remember the tortoise and the hare. You ride plenty fast, just use your head and you'll smoke 'em.

Ron, nice touch.

have gell pads sewn into back of riding shorts.ive tried adding extra padding to seat really doesnt help.


Try the soft seat foam from either guts racing or factory fx. I have used both and they work much better than the piece of concrete that comes from Yamaha or SDG. I've got several 500+ mile rides in without the monkey butt.

Dan, good luck in the race! I'll be cheering for you. Paul

First of all the Desitin recommendation is from my wife via the Ladies forum on DRN..... Let's just say I'm glad I'm not a woman (no comments from the cheap seats Kevin).

Ron in SoCal - if Dan doesn't take you up on the tall WR seat foam I may be interested. I'm looking for a large WR tank (IMS) & tall foam so I can have a true long distance set-up on for my WR when I need it.


Thanks guys!!! Well let's see, I think I'll be using some bag balm since most of you suggested it. Im going to buy some "compression shorts with padding in them along with a gel-type seat. Im sure that the panty-hose works really well but im not 6'3 and my friends would never let it down. Thanks for all of the replies. It's much appreciated.

DL :)


Does Corbin or Sargeant(?) - street bike seat mfgs - make anything for the WR? I think Corbin makes a seat for the XR650L so they may do something for the WR.


What is the average mile per hour for the 1000 mile race and how many other riders will be on your team? Surely you are not doing 1000 miles solo. I rode the last Virginia City GP and was able to do 130 miles in 4hours 52 minutes needless to say I was spent. I can't imagine 15 plus hours through the desert. Man have you got grit.


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