What seat should I get for a 1000 mile race??

He is indeed doing this Ironman, Howard. I can't imagine it, either, but he's in pretty good shape.

Dan, you gonna do our Ghost Rider Enduro this October? We'll lay out a piece of the 2nd loop in your honor, but only if you'll be there to ride it. Kind of a peace offering to the Ironman Gods or something like that.



If you start wearing panty hose and using Vaseline, I'm telling dad.

Why don't you just stand up during the race?

Your Bro

Stever, I just though of something, since you're pitting for me maybe you could help me out with that stuff. I have no shame when it comes to saving my butt!!! :)

Howard, Dan is right I do race in the "Ironman Expert" class meaning I have to ride all of the races by myself. Almost everyone races with a partner, and they can go way faster because they're handing the bike off and resting. Unlike the "Vegas to Reno" (526mi in one day) this race will take place over the course of 3 days. Each leg of the race will be about 300 miles per day. Im not really worried about the first day and the most of the second day but im planning on being in survival mode on the last day as im sure I'll be whipped!!! To answer you question about the speed, since they're will be trucks on the course the terrain will be (for the most part) wide open and I hope to be in the 50mph area considering their will be 6 pits and numerous stop checks. Roseler will be ripping in his truck and hopefully won't run me over.


My two sons-lets try and get along. The 1000 will be fun with or with out panty hose. POPS


I wish I could offer some real help but I'm a wimp. :) I ride in a mastercraft with 5 points. :D

Be carfull out there, we've passed many a zoned out bike racer that had no clue we were behind them. Best of luck.

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