Fork Seal Drag 08 450f

- I have replaced my fork seals on my 08 YZ450F and I'm noticing some very slight marks on my lower fork legs indicating seal drag. I used o.e.m yz seals and wipers, and I lubed inner tube lightly with white lithium grease. I did everything the same as I had done on my 06, but my 06 never had any shadow marks on the fork legs.

- Now that I think about it, when the suspension was all stock, and new it also had the marks.

-I'm having no problems with the forks, everything works great, just the shadow marks make me think, things could work better if the seals were sliding more freely.

-I also replaced the bushings when I did the seals.

-Just wondering if anyone else has ever noticed this.

i wouldnt be too worried about it... if they arent leaking and you did lube them with lithium id let it be and be happy. BTW that industrial HARD CHROME on the tube is going to take much more than a rubber seal to wear it down even a tenth (0.0001")


I used some chrome polish on the fork tubes this week, and it seemed to remedy the situation.

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