Oil pouring from Timing Plug

Hi guys,

I am replacing my piston in my 426 and after I got the new piston on and the jug in place I wanted to run the piston up and down a few times with the head off. I went to remove the timing plugs on the flywheel cover and oil poured out of the larger plug. I threw the socket on there and the motor turns nice with the new piston.

Does this fill with oil after a disassembly? I never had oil come from the flywheel/stator area before like during valve adjustments.


The stator does run wet, however, the level is usually below the plug (with the bike level) - since you put in 1.7L (likely), that's 200ml more in the case until you run the engine and pump 200ml into the passages and oil filter, so it's entirely possible that it's pouring out.

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