Its over for this year

Up here in Northern Michigan its 25 degrees, windy with sideways snow. This is the forecast for the next 10 days. I was in the middle of my rejetting experiment. Now I have to wait until spring to see how well it worked. You southern guys should feel lucky this time of year. Wintertime I put the bikes in the basement and go through everything, its fun and you get to know them very well.

The only way to get them in the basement is up the deck, through the dining and living rooms, down the stairs. Whats your guess on my wifes opinion of this. The worst part is that I can't do it alone and she needs to help. I'm typing this trying to build up the courage to let her know this is the day the toys go to the basement. Wish me luck.

well, at least you guys have affordable housing out there.... :D

but i feel for ya! maybe a snowmobile suit and studded tires? :):D

oh, and i have been to Yooper country, nice, but it does get cold there.. and good luck with letting your lady in on the news today.. take her shopping,that might help... :)

Maybe if you can get them as far as the living room without her..? She might be more inclined to help get them down the basement..? Or maybe even approve the cost of an enclosed trailer or storage shed..? Either way, you better take care of any romantic notions ahead of time... :) it could turn out to be an even longer, colder winter than you imagined.

in so cal its the season to ride. the desert is perfect due to a storm yesterday. my buddys all went riding today and told me the news . I wont be doing any riding soon as i just got two pins and a plate in my arm. A gift from my blue beast at least i did it while racing and not at work.

I am in the same boat, but my route is through the kitchen to the dinning room down the basement steps. The painted steps have black marks on them from the tires draging down them. Tried the trip the first time by myself while the wife was out. Wildest ride I have had with the bike and it wasn't even running.

I am already done with the yearly tear down and the season barely ended. I am itching to get the new Yamaha four stroke sled. I would probably get it but my WIFE is sending my son to Europe for two weeks in the summer for that People to People Ambassador Program. Thats half the cost of the sled.

I'm with you on this one about your loved one. :D . It's all about strategy.

First I let my wife get angry about house repairs I had to do during the last few weeks that I didn't do :D . Second, I tell her that I "might" get the blue machine in the basement for the winter.

Third, I fix the things around the house and I clean up my working space in the basement. So now, at this point she's happy about the house repairs and the clean up of the basement.

Fourth, I try not to involve her in moving of the bike, I work on shifts, so when she's at work, I ask a friend to come over for a beer, and I get him to hearn it :D! When the loved one comes back, it may take a few days for her to realise why I keep going downstairs as soon as I have a chance. Et voila. The bike is in a warm space.

Getting the bike out of the basement is much easier. After a while, she keeps asking when I'll get it out, and she 'll even help me do it :)

I just put mine in an empty bedroom/study. She hasn't seen it yet. It's not cold here so I can't use that excuse. It looks cool back there.

Here's my solution. :) Taught the girlfriend how to ride and live where we can ride all year. A little cold in the middle of winter, but sunny and 58 today. Here's some pics from this afternoon.

p.s. Go Packers. I'm a transplant from Wisconsin




I wait till the wife is at work.

Then I get a buddy to help me bring the beast to the basment.My route is a lot simpler,strait through the front door and down the stairs.

Just out of curiousity, don't you guys have garages?

When we moved, I told my wife all I wanted was a bigger garage and she could decide on everything else. I got lucky and found a house where the garage is 20' wide x 40' long. I also had the walls drywalled and insulated so my beer wouldn't freeze when I was out there working.

Well there in the basement and all is well with my other half. Thanks for all of the good tips. I cleaned up the garage and basement, filled up the water softener with salt, new media in the humidifier etc.. We then as a family, with both kids went out and cut down the christmas tree. My wife went to the store for some last minute items so I wheeled the bikes into the living room, set them on the stands one on each side of the TV. Had my son and riding buddy keep an eye out for her return. We popped in the tape of the SX at the Silverdome, turned up real loud. She walks in and there we were on our bikes watching SX. She cracked up, thought we were nuts and was happy to help with the trip to the basement. She is a little concerned now, doesn't think we will be able to push the WR up the stairs. Not a problem, I told her I would ride it out. She, for some reason has a problem with that.

You guys crack me up. My wife is very understanding with the motorcycles but bringing them in the house, on the carpet and down the basement would surely get me in lots of trouble.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading the post.

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