450 hot start

anybody know if 450 hot start is on handlebars or carb if it is on bars any chance of fitting one to a 2002 wr400

450 hot start is bar mounted... and there are kits out there you can get for your wr. DR.D has one i believe....

many thanks for your reply i am in uk and have no credit card drd do have a kit for wr but have no uk dealers at present but i have a local yamaha shop so yam kit is very interesting to me thanks again

Race Spec do a Bar mounted H-Start kit !

many thanks guy i have just got 2003 catalogue from race spec droped off at my house by a mate that viseted dirt bike show and scrounged one for me as i had to work i will let you know how i get on after i have purchesed the kit guy are you in uk i am suffolk

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