WR sparkplug and red downpipes - newbie guy here

Hi everybody,

I am new to this forum: the reason is because I own a WR 426 2001, with about 2500k on board.

After a lot of unsuccessful attempta to kick start it, I decided to take the spark plug out. It was flooded, so I burnt it and she started at the first kick.

Now the questions:

1. What can you tell me about NGK spark plugs? I now their popular, but are they good? I've heard different opinions so far.

2. After a couple of minutes (less than 5), the downpipes were RED where they exit the engine. Is that normal?

As I bought this baby second, if you feel like giving any other advice, feel free to do so.

Thanks a lot for your time and answers,


I always had good luck with my ngk-plugs, but still I changed my stock CR8E to the iridium CR8EIX and I noticed improvement in easier starts and smoother more even lower rpm:s.

Yes it's normal that pipe gets red sometimes but if the exhaust is stock, open it up and get rid of that pea shooter pipe in the end, this will keep the temps down in the pipe.

Search on this forum and you will find tons about these things.

No problems w/ the ngk although I'm going to try the CR8EIX like swede did.

Yes and no on the red pipe. Mine was getting red pretty quickly so I figured something was wrong. I did some research on this forum and deduced I was running lean. I tweaked the carb,adjusted my valve clearances... no more red pipe.:thumbsup: Alot of folks here say it's ok for them to get red but I have to respectfully disagree and suggest that if the bike is properly tuned and fed then you won't get the red. :busted:

Yeah, I did'nt mention, when opening it up, you should give it some extra fuel.

Maybe give it some extra anyway if it runs lean.

Check your plug and look if it runs lean or rich.

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