oil change.

i did`nt get the user manual when i bought my 02 wr426. so i wonder... what is the torque setting on the bolts that holds the oil filter and the oil drain bolts?

thanx. I`ll be ruined if u are suposed to change oil every 100miles. the mobile 1 cost 160nkr in norway, that is 20$ us dollars

Mobile 1 is $52 for 5 litres in aust, i dump my oil after every ride for peice of mind being our 426 is $11,000 so i use Mobile S at $32, change about 100-140km.

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that is 20$ for 1 L of oil.

I read about a tt-member who broke his crankcase drain bolt when torque it 13ft-lb. is this a fact? have run my bike about 30km. going to change my oil to morrow..after i have bought a torque wrench

Ouch :) That hurts! $20 for 1qt oil,a ltr is a bit bigger, it still hurts to think about it.. And just think, we get upset over $6-$7 a qt. here in the states..


Oil filter drain bolt and oil filter cover bolts are 7.2 ft-lb, crankcase drain bolt is 14 ft-lb, frame drain bolt is 17 ft-lb, oil strainer (frame) is 65 ft-lb, engine oil hose clamp is 1.4 ft-lb, and the engine oil hose bolt is 7.2 ft-lb.

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