MX coolant catch bottle instead of stock?

I changed the stock rear spring on mine yesterday and H***Y S**T! Getting the subframe off is a nightmare. The fender is getting replaced with a YZ anyway and that does away with the tail light. How about the MX bike coolant catch bottles? Aside from the battery, the coolant bottle is the other pain back there. I'm not taking the e-start off but by "moving" the catch bottle to the front somewhere would only leave me taking the battery out, unplugging a couple things, and pushing the wires back through. The catalog says it mounts behind the # plate. I'm pulling the odometer when the spacer gets here and putting a regular # plate on it. Would there be room? I don't know how big the bottle is.

I thought the subframe was pretty easy to remove, took mine off for a good spring clean with no drama, also an 05 and i certainly ain't no mechanic.

Seems like a lot of trouble to go to just to make it easier to remove the rear subframe. I'm not sure I'd want my overflow bottle at the front of my bike nearer my face...

Most MX catch bottles I've seen mount directly to the rear of the rad like this.


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