anyone ever assemble a new bike from a crate?

anyone ever assemble a new bike from the box? If so, How hard is it to do? are the shocks already complete or do you have to have them charged/filled? what skill level do you need to complete the task?

Thanks in advance,


I have dreamed of it, Finding a large crate labeled "Yamaha" under the Christmas tree!

i've done my own initial assy. a couple of times. shock should be mounted and charged. mostly its the front wheel,handlebars,fender steering stem needs to be lubed and tightened properly on most bikes. not rocket science if you have some decent mechanical knowledge of motorcycles. :)

Hi Tricky, I do this for a living (assembly and pre-delivery), and everything geo199 says is accurate. The majority of dirt bike assemblies are just 'bars, plastics, front wheel, and some mini's need fork legs installed, nothing your average backyard spannerman couldn't do. If you can buy a crated bike, and save a few bucks on ass'/pd, go for it, Chris.

Thanks so much. Thats what I'm going to do. There are these guys out of Vancouver BC that are selling crated new bikes for cheap. you can see them at they are selling KTMs Yamahas and Hondas for really cheap. I was going to try and meet them on this side of the border when I finally buy. You dont think they could be stolen bikes so you? Or I wonder If ill have any problems licensing them in Washington state.


i prep some bikes for the local yamaha dealer and its easy. any monkey could do it really. its just bars, front wheel, fluids and plastics. usually though, the two screws that hold the speedo cable on to the forks seem to be done up by He-man when he was pissed off about something. Quads are [censored] to put together you need a block and tackle to do it.



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