Parts for Sale!!

For all you riders looking for good deals I am selling some parts off my 99WR.

-Boots SIDI ForceFLex(White/BLK SZ 9) six rides,

like new, $200

-Dubach pipe $200

-IMS YZ tank 3.3GAl $165

-IMS YZ seat(blue) $55

-Scotts top Triple clamp for WR $125

-Some new plastic for cheap $10 for YZ fenders

$30 for white side panels

Oh yea, OBO on all parts. Just so you guys don't eat me alive on my pricing. I've been away from this page for awhile.

So if you're interested let me know. You pay all shipping costs or can pick it up or meet me at the track sometime. I use Paypal for online transactions.


[ May 17, 2002: Message edited by: kirktemp ]

[ May 17, 2002: Message edited by: kirktemp ]

Just thought I'd post again to make sure ya'll are not missing out!

here is a good slogan to help sell your parts "you cant beat this deal come get your used parts for the price of new"

Sent you a PM :)

are the side panels brand new?

This is my first post so here it goes. What kind of shape is the tank and seat in? Great forum I have learned alot!

KIRKTEMP, Do you still have the seat and tank for sale,will they fit an 02 wr426? What kind of condition are they in?

Sent you a PM a couple of days ago, you haven't read it?

You might have not allowed PM's in your profile.

I just checked no PM

sorry guys, been stuck at the fire station for the last 3 days and no on line access. So I will respond to your PM's now.

Kirk, I have a '00 WR 400F. If your parts will fit my bike, I'm very interested. Sent you a priv. mess. I'm at home right now if you want to call me.

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