mag plug sludge?

I dont know how or when it happened on my 04 wr 450, but on my last oil change, my scotts stainless filter had sand in it and my mag plug had this dark grey sludge on it, I tryed flushing it. then filling it up with oil again, but got the same result! I also have a slight knocking noise. almost like the timing chain is slapping! any sugestions on what to do, I really dont want to tear down the engine!:thumbsup: Thanks

dark grey magnetic sludge is an ex component of the internals of your bike.

If you think your timing chain is slapping - check your tensioner first, if that's not it, it's time for a teardown, the reason I say "ex" is because whatever it was, it's now ground to a fine powder. Check your stator side - you might find some larger pieces there since it's magnetic as well.

It could be that a bearing let go, and the carrier got chewed up in your gears, I'm pretty sure once you open it up, you'll find some larger pieces in the bottom, as well as one badly damaged component.

Replace ALL your bearings if something metal went through.

Likely, your top end will be alright (unless it came from the top end) because the oil filter would have caught any bits before pumping oil up top.

You described this as sand not metal fragments.

Did you pass a magnet over the "sand"?

The magnet on the plug I have (Moose) isn't very strong and I would expect that larger chunks would not be held by this magnet. If the "sand" is not ferrous and it doesn't look like metal then maybe you have something else going on.

I see a slight amount of a black grease-like gunk stuck to my plug and expect that to be normal.

if you have a button magnet on a gooseneck, snake it up the oil drain plug and see if you can pick up anything else.

I'd be taking off the covers at the very least to see if any debris is behind them that's not supposed to be there..

Are you missing any plugs where the sand could have entered?

If it only looks like sand but is not sand could be due to severe wear on the clutch friction plates?

This usually manifests itself in a very fine grey sludge you describe on the sump plug and small amounts are normal as the clutch wears.

Knocking could be from anywhere, but I would start with the clutch.

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