Frame bent, effect ride?

I bought a used 01' 426, notice in the whoops it tends to wiggle and jump around coming out of them, and wag its tail alot on corners. I ride my buddies kx and ktm and doesn't do this at all. I did notice my subframe is off, the rear fender is off center of the tire about an inch. I know I need to straighten this out, but you think this will effect the ride? Or do you think the entire frame is bent? How do I check if the swing arm is bent?


have you checked your swingarm/linkage bearings yet - they can cause that feeling if worn.

Subframe shouldn't affect ride properties other than your position on the seat possibly.

Bent swingarm - you'd need some form of jig to measure off of unless it was really obvious.

The two most common causes of this are the rear wheel out of line, and the rebound set too high.

The fact that you have the axle block marks matched up does not necessarily mean your wheel is aligned correctly.

When the rebound is set too high (clicker too far in), the rear wheel does not extend back fully before the next impact, and the suspension stays compressed too far, which reduces the ability of the compression stroke to absorb the next hit. This is called "packing", and it will cause the rear end to kick up and/or skip out to the side.

To check the vertical alignment of the wheels, have an assistant hold the bike with the handlebar end against a fixed object, like a wall. Move the bike around as necessary so that a level placed on the front rotor shows the wheel as being plum. Now check the rear rotor. It should match.

A bent subframe, won't affect the handling because it doesn't control the location of anything except the fender and your butt. If it turns out to be bent (the sub, not your butt), you can pull it back to where it belongs.

SA bearings seem fine, I'll try the alignment, and rebound adjust, they are set pretty high I think 5 clicks, and will straighten the subframe since that needs to be done anyway.


Well I straightened the sub frame and adjusted the axle blocks, seems to have fixed this problem.

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