another jetting question

got my new Dr. D on my 07 450, I know 165 main and needle in 4th is the word but everyone around here is out of 165 mains so mine won't be in until next week, I've got a 162 and a 170. should I go ahead and ride stock until my jet comes in or should I stick the 162/170 in and raise the needle. 1000' and 90 degrees. What I am really looking for is an answer to how bad are the stock settings with the Dr. D system? running 99 octane also. Thanks

What is your stock main jet?


I'd either run the 162 or leave it as is until the 165 comes in.

what I was thinking, it seems to run pretty good around the yard.


Im running the stock jets in my 07 with a Wb aluminum pro 2 exhaust and it rips, Ive tried a 165 main and a 162, cant really tell that much of a differance except the 160 feels the most crisp at the momment.

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