Dodgy WR400 box...



Today I bought a WR400 Yammy, and checked oil, bearings, everything..... apart from 5th gear!!! :busted:

When trying to go into 5th as I have now discovered, it does nothing but makes a weird sound.

Someone said this is common on these bikes...

Is this true? If so, how bigger job is it and what costing does it involve?



Depends on what you can do yourself, up here in Canada, don't expect to get away with less than 2500 having a shop do it, you can do it for about 100-200 in parts doing it yourself, however, when tearing into a bike that old, that far, it's probably a good idea to replace what you feel is necessary to make your bike a good investment for some time to come.

I had a single bearing go, decided to replace all the case bearings, 2 and 3 gear, oil pump, output shaft, new rings, timing chain, shims, honing, gaskets, asst. hardware - total cost - about 600US total

here's what's involved - and it's nowhere near as bad as it looks.


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