How often do you guys change your pistons?

IM a WR guy myself but i just read in the June issue of Dirt Bike how often Professional Racers replace parts, it scared me, I knew they were higher maintenance but it sounded crazy, changing pistons every race, subframes every 2 races, plastic and stickers every race, grips ever race, tires every race, that just blew me away. Am I just Nieve? Dam, how often do you guys riding or racing YZ's change out parts like pistons and subframes, lol ????????

Yea, i read that arcticle too, so just to be safe I think I'm gonna start changing my frame after every two rides.

hehe, yeah, I think I might also, just in case. But I have another part of that question, what do the do with all the take off parts???????????????????

At that level they can't afford not to replace everything all the time. Not to mention that everything is given to them for free. For their sponsors they have to keep the bikes looking new all the time so they get new plastic and graphics every race. They don't want to risk any failures of any kind, so they replace everything very often. The average racer or even privateer pros only replace most parts when they are broken, bent, it worn out. I personally change my pistons between 40 and 50 hours on the hour meter, change my oil every 2 hours, change my graphics at least once a year, and change my plastic when it starts looking bad (the 450 in my garage is 3 years old with the original plastic and people always make comments to me about how lucky I am to get new bikes all the time :thumbsup: ). Most other stuff gets replaced when it is worn out or broken.

Yeah, makes sense I guess, but what do they do with all their take off parts?

Yeah, makes sense I guess, but what do they do with all their take off parts?

They give plastic subframes and stock parts like that to fans in the pits after the race, the works parts are kept, rebuilt, and reused if possible, otherwise the put on practice bikes or they put it on a shelf. There was a video up recently showing Honda USA headquarters and they said that they keep every part used on a shelf as a reference of what works.

Forget those rules in dirtrider i suggest you buy a new bike each time you ride just to be safe. Dont take any chances out on the track/trails! . :thumbsup:

i'll change the piston when my bike stops firing. luckily yamaha's are bulletproof.

i'll change the piston when my bike stops firing. luckily yamaha's are bulletproof.

Easy... That can get you in trouble...

I change my piston once a year and I have the original subframe. :thumbsup:

2001 WZ426

Have yet to put a new piston in, have yet to check the valves. Still has awsom e compression, starts great, runs hard.

That being said, it's my buddy bike now, and I actually am going to rebuild everything and start riding it again. I've just had a hard time tearing into it yet, as it still runs so good. But, I know failure is a matter of time, so it's time for pre-emptive work.

Change the piston every year to be on the safe side but you can usually go two years.

I have A 2000 yz426 First time tune up since new was in 1/08 and all the engine needed was A new sparkplug!

The '03 I had had about 400 hours on the original valves and piston and everything else, and still ran great.

I'm planning on putting a fresh set of rings in my older '06 this year, and I might replace the piston, even though I kind of doubt I'll find anything wrong with it.

In the 5 years the YZ450 has been out, I don't think I've seen a piston ever be the point of failure, except in a seizure from heat or lack of oil. It seems to me that a one year replacement interval is more than most people would need.

Great info guys, i didn't think they 'needed' this type of maintenance, not like the old two strokes, the 125's couldn't keep pistons in them. I didn't think the new 450's were anything like those. I have heard some wr's (some at yz spec like mine) getting 10000 miles on them without problems

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