Where to get a case saver for my 426??

Ive been trying to find a good aftermarket case saver for my 01 wr426, but i can only find them for the 250 or the new 450's anyone know if these will work or if someone makes one specifcally for it?? thanks!!@

I have a Fastway(pro moto billet) one on mine. I'm pretty sure it is the one that fits both the 250 2 stroke and the 250 4 stroke. They list them seperatly, but they have the same part#. It has been a long time since it has been installed so I cant say for sure. I do have one and it does fit.

the 426F is the same as the 400F, and I believe the case is identical on the 250F (WR and YZ) Stock case savers look identical - so the YZ250F case saver should work.

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