FMF Powercore 4 installation help??

Just received a Powercore 4 off of Ebay and am having problems on the install.

1. The stock muffler clamp is too big. Where do I find one smaller?

2. It didn't come with the gasket between the muffler/header pipe. What should I use?

3. Is there supposed to be a metal sleeve inside of the rubber bushing on the rear mount?

4. The pipe comes really close to the rear brake reservoir. Should I relocate it, or is it OK

Thanks for your help.

1. Contact fmf for a replacement clamp

2. it doesnt use any gasket, thats why you need a smaller clamp.

3. no


#2... I think the fit of the silencer to the head pipe is pretty poor. I tried to use a liquid exhaust gasket from an auto parts store (get the highest temp rated stuff you can find)-it worked fair, but it was red and looked like crap. Don't bother with the "tape" gasket made for exhausts-it melts right away.

#3... Yes there should be a metal sleeve to fit inside the rubber bushing at the rear mount. At least mine had one...

I agree with all the other answers.

use some high temp gasket maker silacone on the connection. Yamabond makes some just for exhaust.

That is what i used.

FYI, the stock 250F exhaust gasket fits perfectly into the FMF exhaust pipe.

Thanks for the help.

Dude, You may want to heat tape the pipe around the brake res. Mine was melted when I bought the bike. At least keep an eye on it for heat damage.

I used a piece of exhaust gasket material (comes in small sheets from auto parts store) about 1" wide, wraped it around the pipe & used the stock clamp. I can re-use the gasket when I change my oil filter on the '00.

Have had no problems with an unprotected brake reservoir - on a YZ

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