Ankle feels like it needs to POP...

well, i was on my way to work, and i was about 20 minutes ahead of schedule so i decided to stop and play for a few minutes on my Dr 250 with a mostly street tire on it, well needless to say amongst the skylarking and tom fooloery going on my bike decided to go the oppsite way of me landing on my foot, i was only wearing steel toes, but probably 2 hours after that happened, my ankle started bothering me and it feels like i need to pop it really bad, and it is sore, i can still walk on it (in pain) and i could still kick start my bike, just wondering if it's only sprained, or if the bone might be dislocated, and i should see the doctor? it feels like my Achiles is pretty sore too?

*sorry it's so long i really wanted to tell a story:bonk:

heres a picture, circled area is where it hurts


If I was you i'd get it checked out, i broke my ankle the other year in base-ball,hurt in the same place as yours, I finished the game on it and I probably only made it worse for myself!

When I got off crutches I had pain in the exact same spot where you circled. My therapist said it is most likely fluid build up so I just walked it off and a few months later it was gone.

None the less I would see a doctor to make sure its not to serious.

Im a final year podiatry student and from what you have said you need to get it checked out by either a podiatrist or decent gp. Right where you indicated the pain being is the sinus tarsi as well some rather important lateral ligaments, i presume that you sprained your ankle and inflammed the sinus tarsi (sinus tarsi syndrome) when your foot landed. Nothing to be worried about, but it should be checked to rule out anything more serious. In the meantime just follow RICE - rest, ice, compression and elevation.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the input guys, Doc said it was sprained, just needed lotsa rest, it feels waaayyy better now, guess i shouild wear my mx boots whenever i decide to play now :thumbsup:

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