04 YZ450F compared to newer one...

I was looking to replace the old 04 with a nearly new vet rideden 07. Heres my dilema. The guys I ride with, say I'm railing the corners now, and riding alot faster than last year.

What's the 04 worth? It has a brand new motor....

Is the 07 that much better???? My buddy Matt has one, and he hates it...

I want to do it.

Anyone else upgrade from steel to aluminum?

Like it, or love it, or hate it?


I made the move from a 04 to an 07. I thought that the motor was more usable, a little less hit but still enough there to make me feel more confident. I also thought there was a little improvement in suspension. but then I have the spring rates and valving done for my riding style and weight. Had it done on both bikes. The biggest change was probably the handling. I feel I could turn tighter on the 07. I can cut to the inside on corners with less effort where I on the 04 it just seem to fight me to go inside. I tried many things on the 04 to get it to go inside like a Honda but I didn't get there. The 07 is a lot closer in stock form.

I guess the 07 feels a little more stable too but then I put on a stabilizer right after getting it so I guess I can't really compare that.

I'd go for the upgrade. I did and happy about the decision.

My .02. I'm old and race in seniors class so not a real aggressive rider anymore.


Everything Nitrox said is right on the money. The biggest difference is the entire package is much smoother and easier to ride faster longer. The suspension is the nicest of any bike I have ridden. My 04 was revalved and sprung for my weight and the 07 was way better even with the stock springs being too light for me.

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