Dented header pipe

Went down on some hard pack at the track. I noticed 2 dents in my header pipe, 1st one is at the first bend out of the motor, second is just before the heat shield on left side. Will this hurt the motor running it bent?

Titanium or stainless? What the advantage of titanium? weight, better heat distribution? Yamaha wants 450 for a new one.


It won't hurt anything as long as the dents aren't so big that the whole pipe is caved in. You can try putting some water in the pipe and standing it up in your freezer over night. It normally takes a couple times, but I've had great success with this method. If you are going to buy an aftermarket pipe, stainless holds up much better, but is a little heavier. Titanium's only advantage is the weight savings, which are small at that.

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