WR450 Rear Fender on WR400?

I need a taillight to register my bike legally, but i don't want one of the huge spaceship lookin things cuttin down the looks of my bike. Would it be possible to install one of the new WR450 rear fenders with the LED taillight on my 1999 WR400? I'm sure I'll have to drill new holes, as the holes on the 450 fender probably won't line up. Will the WR450 taillight plug into my bike? Thanks alot...

Is that just the drop down LED taillight?

yes its the led drop down.i like it.

Your bike's nice. The taillight doesnt look bad. will it plug to my stock taillight connection? Or does it only work with the baja kit?

You could maybe wire it into the factor wiring but i do not know for sure. you will still need a brake pressure switch to make it into a working brake light.

haha im startin to be a pain im sure. Where do i get a pressure switch at?

no your not. i had many questions like this, but your going the smart way and asking questions. haha i just bought stuff that looked good. You can get all the stuff you need from the baja design website. you will need the drop down light, a brake pressure switch. I bought the whole kit for my 03 wr450 to make street legal.

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